The first step in any potential solar project is to review the electrical usage for the past 12 months to calculate how many kWhs are used on average over the course of a full year. The second step is to determine if the site is feasible for solar and what the options are for optimal energy production from your potential solar system.


There is a fundamental problem with the Solar Industry. We are overwhelmed with calls on a daily basis about Solar Energy Sales and or Installation Companies that are no longer in business or that have used lower quality equipment for their installations which have since failed and are out of warranty. 


All of their customers are left with a huge problem. When a Solar (PV) Energy System has been abandoned, it becomes a great risk to those on the property as well as the grid that system is connected to and every operating lineman.

We are fighting to combat many of these issues by not only installing SunPower Products on all of our projects but performing upgrades on abandoned systems so that they are eligible for our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services. This allows us to implement 24/7 monitoring capabilities to existing systems that qualify add your system to our database for onsite routine checks.

We didn't stop there. We also partnered with Garvin Metal Roofs (NEPA) in order to deliver a brand new roof that is guaranteed for 40 years. Garvin is onsite during the mounting of the SunPower Panels and Racking to as well to ensure we do not void the warranty on the roof provided. The result - 100% Leak Free

We have identified that Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are at the epicenter of the problem for the East Coast. With 24/7 monitoring as well as onsite inspections we hope to prevent catastrophic failures before they happen while enhancing energy yield, overall system performance, and renewable energy education.

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Are you ready to add value to your home and save hundreds if not thousands by doing so? Find out if you qualify for a Solar (PV) Energy System.


The Tax Incentives are great for Residential but even better for Commercial. Sadly they will not last forever. We must move quickly!


Working with Unions and our local Career-link, we can install and deploy Solar (PV) Systems at any scale. We are local and putting people to work!

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